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Inform, Nurture, Empower

Welcome! My name is Clem, I'm based in Cheshire and I'm a doula. I offer support and guidance during pregnancy, labour, and the post-partum period. You may have already chosen a path for your birth, then I'm here to walk it with you. If you are not sure yet what your path will be, then we can explore options together, so that you can choose how you want to birth your baby, the way that is right for YOU.



Hi, I'm Clem and I'm a Doula!

I believe in nurturing and advocating for expectant and birthing parents. It is such a pivotal moment in anyone's life... The experience will be forever with you, and hopefully with my support, it will be a memory to cherish. I want to help you reveal your inner strength, and take your first steps as parents in the most confident way possible.

What Support You Can Receive

Support from a Doula can take many forms. It can be education on the physiology of birth, reassurance over text messages on a night that you feel anxious, hosting a Mother-Blessing ceremony for you. Once baby is born, it can be in the form of a warm meal cooked for you at home, or sign-posting you to the right healthcare provider.

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